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XPath and XPointer

XPath and XPointer


XPath and XPointer

Referring to specific information inside an XML document is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. XPath and XPointer are two closely related languages that play a key role in XML processing by allowing developers to find these needles and manipulate embedded information. By the time you've finished XPath and XPointer, you'll know how to construct a full XPointer (one that uses an XPath location path to address document content) and completely understand both the XPath and XPointer features it uses.

Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Introducing XPath and XPointer
  • Chapter 2: XPath Basics
  • Chapter 3: Location Steps and Paths
  • Chapter 4: XPath Functions and Numeric Operators
  • Chapter 5: XPath in Action
  • Chapter 6: XPath 2.0
  • Chapter 7: XPointer Background
  • Chapter 8: XPointer Syntax
  • Chapter 9: XPointer Beyond XPath
  • Appendix A: Extension Functions for XPath in XSLT