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The Tiny Book of Rules

The Tiny Book of Rules
Tiny Drupal Books #1


Rules is a module usually used to automate actions on your Drupal site. Rules can react on events occurring on your site – such as a user logging in or a node being created – and perform customized follow-up actions such as redirecting to a certain page or setting field values. Optionally, Rules can evaluate conditions before executing any actions.

Rules is also a framework to use by other modules, allowing them to evaluate user-configured Rules components, such as action and condition sets, or expose data about variables and entities to other parts of Drupal.

Table of Contents:
  • The Tiny Book of Rules
    • This is Rules
  • Rules in site building
    • Using actions
    • Data in Rules
    • Using events
    • Using conditions
    • Lists and loops
    • Components
    • Useful additional modules
    • Debugging Rules configuration
  • Coding for Rules
    • Writing conditions
    • Writing actions
    • Declaring and invoking events
    • Invoking components programmatically
    • Extending and altering data types
    • Providing new entities and data types