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Laravel Best Practices

Laravel Best Practices


Laravel Framework is not strict on how and where you define your classes as long as it could be loaded by Composer. This is a double-sided blade – it’s beneficial for advanced developers, but coud be confusing for beginners and for those who is trying to reverse engineer an existing codebase. The ability to place anything, anywhere is good. But there are times some methods is way better than the others, and that is what we are after. This site tried to collect all the best practices, tools and methodologies, so that it could serve a guide for beginners and existing developers alike.

Table of Contents:
  • Welcome
    • Translations
    • How to Contribute
    • Spread the Word!
  • Getting Started
    • The Ecosystem
    • Use the Current Stable Version (5.4)
    • Homestead
    • Custom Homestead
  • Code Style Guide
    • Framework Highlights
      • Programming Paradigms
      • How It Works
      • Eloquent ORM
      • Command Line Interface
      • Debugging
    • Dependency Management
      • Composer And Packagist
      • Laravel Package Archivists
    • Coding Practices
      • The Basics
      • Date And Time
      • Design Patterns
      • Working with UTF-8
    • Database Conventions
      • Table And Field Naming
      • Database Alterations
      • Database Choice
    • Configuration
      • Resources
        • From The Source
        • People To Follow
        • Mentoring
        • Php Paas Providers
        • Components
        • Other Useful Resources
        • Video Tutorials
        • Books
      • Community
        • User Groups
        • Conferences
      • Credits