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Hacking with PHP

Hacking with PHP


This book assumes no PHP programming skill at all - you'll be taught from scratch in that respect. However, I will be using terms like "variable", "function", and "loop" freely, so any prior programming experience you have will help enormously.

If you're coming from the world of HTML, PHP is a great step forward to make. HTML by itself, as you may have discovered, is a very simple language, which as a result leaves you with very simple pages. Think of using HTML like owning a car with no engine - the car might look great, but it will never actually do very much. PHP can take your sites into the fast lane by allowing you to turn your static pages into exciting, ever-changing pages with only a little thinking. In essence, it's like putting a V6 engine into your car shell.

Table of Contents:
1. Preface
2. Introducing PHP
3. Simple variables and operators
4. Functions
5. Arrays
6. Objects
7. HTML Forms
8. Files
9. Databases
10. Cookies and Sessions
11. Multimedia
12. XML & XSLT
13. Output Buffering
14. Java and COM
15. Networks
16. Miscellaneous topics
17. Security concerns
18. Performance
19. Writing PHP
20. Writing extensions
21. Alternative PHP uses
22. Practical PHP
23. Bringing it to a close
24. Answers to Exercises
25. The future of PHP
26. Glossary